This beautiful, wonderful, sexy-as-sin real doll is mine. You may look—and seethe with envy—but never touch

Don’t wait to discover the finest hand crafted sex doll made with love by the world most talented craftmen in China


Beauty is not just a white girl. It’s so many different flavors and shades.



Nothing is rarer of what is unique, the brand ordoll manufactures unique dolls



Art love doll, freedom and creativity, will change society faster than politics.



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New doll option as stand up feet

Personalization of the body: shoulder-Shrugging….

Real love doll is a business founded in 2012 in Nice city, France. Currently, there are a total more then 500 employees in the word by grouping all the manufacturers, include professional sculptors, designers, and technicians. We specialize in developing, designing, selling TPE sex doll.

Let us introduce ourselves A few words about us

We are one of the top official seller of sex doll in the word and many reputable sexy love dolls manufactures. Free shipping worldwide and our dedicated customer support team will answer your questions in 24 h both before and after your Real Sex Doll purchase. If you have any questions please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

TPE Sex dolls that are fully customisable to suit every taste

You can create your very own doll and are able to chose every last detail from the colour of her eyes, skin tone, breast size, hair, vagina and even nail polish, or you can chose from one of our ever popular ready made, ready to order dolls.

Whatever your preference, rest assured that each doll we sell is as real and life like as is possible and we guarantee full satisfaction in the quality of our product. All of our dolls comes with the TPE Sex World 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What we can offer you

Worldwide travel

Your country will be delivered, but it is better to contact us before because some countries are refused

Exclusive Sex doll

Existing model only at ORDOLL

Secure Payment with Paypal

Secure and discret: ‘RLD’ is the business name that shows on your credit card or debit card banking statement.

Credit Cards accepted

Visa and MasterCard

24 hours money back

After the order you have 24 hours to change decisions and cancel an order, after the production will be started and it will be too late

Great Choice

A large selection of dolls of good quality at a good price

24/7 Support

Very strong presence on social networks

Instagram, Facebook, twitter, reddit, overblog, pinterest….

Love dolls map, Unique in the world

Two blog

Forum and real love doll community

All the bodies detailed in one page

What our customers say about us

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Super site et service client

J’ai eu un petit doute sur l’autenticité du site au début mais il a disparu après mettre renseigné sur les forums et surtout après avoir discuté avec Stéphane qui est toujours disponible pour répondre à toutes les questions et donner de bon conseils.
La commande à prit un peu de temps à être livrée mais est arrivée sans problème et en parfait état comme sur les photos.
De nombreux accessoire sont fournis et Stéphane est toujours à votre écoute s’il vous manque quelque chose

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Ma doll Aoi

J’ai passé commande, la doll est arrivé en temps et en heure avec bien plus d’accessoire que demandé.
Le vendeur est vraiment à l’écoute, il à pris le temps de répondre a toutes mes interrogations et mails. Il continu de dialoguer avec moi après la vente, me conseil sur bien des choses que j’ignore.
Merci RLD

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Very good company, fast delivery globe. The quality is perfect. My doll is very realistic, eyes, hair, soft skin. You can choose any parameters u like, really a lot of options..

Andrey Ryabov

About our Factory What we offer and some visual impressions ORDOLL is a manufacturer founded in 2005

We have been certified and authorized as an official manufacturer by the dollforum and real doll forum (french forum), which is the biggest community of sex doll fans in the world! You can find more customer reviews and testimonial in his independent forum. Our dolls have been tested and reviewed by many customers every week and our thank you emails, testimonials and success stories are overwhelming

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